The subjugation of women performers is certainly compatible with the Trump ethos

David over on We Hunted the Mammoth has signal boosted the plight of the Rockettes, a troupe of dancers who are being strong-armed by their union to perform at Trump’s inauguration despite their objections. The dancers have expressed that they “oppose everything Trump stands for” and that they are understandably upset their employer is threatening to terminate them if they don’t dance for Trumpenfurher.

David echoes Amanda Duarte’s call to contact the troupe’s producers and their union to express support for the Rockettes who do not wish to appear at Trumpenfurher’s inauguration.

Duarte is encouraging people to contact the show’s producers as well as the American Guild of Variety Artists and the Madison Square Garden Company to express their support for all of the Rockettes who want to boycott Trump’s big party.

Email the producers directly:

Call AGVA (American Guild of Variety Artists)
as well
make sure you express that if a Rock does not wish to perform, she shouldn’t have to and there should not be a repercussion.

Be firm, but polite. Help the boycotting Rockettes to just say no to Trump.

This is symbolic of the incoming administration’s attitude towards the autonomy of women–to them, it doesn’t exist at all.

Please support the Rockettes’ choice to perform or not perform.

I am writing in to express support for the Radio City Rockettes who have indicated strong disagreements with their employer’s contract to perform at the President-Elect’s inauguration.

Donald Trump ran on a campaign of unprecedented division, demonizing countless demographics in the United States and scapegoating them for the perceived grievances of more privileged Americans.

Trump is an unusual President, which calls for unusual politics. He holds nothing but contempt for the very democratic process which foisted him into power. And it is chillingly symbolic for the AGVA to coerce Rockettes into performing against their will for a President whose platform routinely advocates the elimination of women’s bodily autonomy.

Individual performers must be given the choice, free of coercion, whether to perform for the President-Elect. Anything less is tacit support for Trump’s authoritarian disposition.


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  1. chigau (ever-elliptical) says

    I expect almost all the dancers will ultimately choose to perform.
    Nothing would free you from coercion as effectively as the knowledge that the
    soon-to-be POTUS makes lists of people who he doesn’t like.
    Not to mention the fact that refusing to perform is probably the end of your career.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    from the reply I received from “MSG Guest Services” –

    We are honored that the Rockettes have again been asked to perform in the upcoming inauguration festivities, which represent not only the president, but the entire country. Please be assured — it is always a Radio City Rockettes choice to perform in a particular event and they are never forced to perform in any event, including the inaugural. For a Rockette to be considered for an event, they must voluntarily sign up. In fact, for this coming inauguration, we were oversubscribed, with more Rockettes’ requesting to participate than we have slots available.

    Didn’t Marx say something about a “reserved army of the unemployed dancers”?