Trump is slated to purge Energy Department employees who worked on climate change

Although it is entirely ordinary for the management positions of government administration to rotate when new governments are elected, over here in sane Canuckistan, most low- to mid-level administrators keep their positions. This is in part because they are hired to follow orders rather than issue them, so the logic there is that an administrator whose job is to spellcheck a report will still need to spellcheck reports regardless of who they come from.

Apparently that’s not good enough in Trumpland, because the transition team is asking the Energy Department to “provide a list of employees and contractors who attended United Nations climate meetings and worked on key Obama administration climate policies, including the social cost of carbon.”

Which is a pretty fucked up request. It’s one thing to turf the reality-based management of the EPA and the Energy Department, because the new administration is allergic to reality and a government is well within its rights to do so (regardless of how regrettable said action is). But for fuck sake, the employees who attended? The god damn minute-takers and personal assistants gotta go too?

I guess I just haven’t fully comprehended how much reality the incoming Trump administration is prepared to pretend doesn’t exist.



  1. ikanreed says

    Ah, what’s the point of political power, except to purge the academics, and maintain ideology at all costs.

  2. brucegee1962 says

    Trump is really into branding. While many, many people have contributed to the upcoming climate catastrophe, though, he seems determined to muscle his way into being remembered as its chief architect. I just hope the future newspaper and history books writers take the hint. Maybe name all future hurricanes “Donald”?

    “Once again, a Trump tide swept through the streets of Manhattan and closed the subway system.”

    “The price of food continues to soar in the current Trump market.”

    “Another species went extinct today due to climate Trumpage.”