Snark of the Month: November

November was, of course, a very difficult month to find snark in. Nonetheless, I am proud of you for pulling through, lovely readers.

November’s Winner: chigau (ever-elliptical)

Premier Rachel Notley is accused of some pretty ridiculous shit, simply by virtue of being the woman who upset a 90+ year conservative streak in Alberta. The Beaverton made a parody scoop with faux interviews of people blaming her for all kinds of silly things to take the piss out of this. chigau said of the ridiculous accusations hurled at Premier Notley:

So this is where Rebecca Watson is these days.

I laughed in a “haha too real” kind of way.

November’s Runner-up: Dunc

I signal boosted We Hunted the Mammoth’s observation that Milo Yiannopoulos posted a glowing review of a documentary that he appeared in, with a smarmy post titled “I thought it was about ethics in amateurish documentary journalism.” Dunc replied,

I’m sure we’ll be hearing the deeply shocked ethicists of GamerGate pointing out how unacceptable this is any minute now…

Any minute.

November was kind of a serious business month for reasons that are probably obvious, but snark can be a form of self care. Sometimes it’s the only way we can let off a little steam. So that’s my excuse. Put cracks in the crushing depression through snark. It’s for your own health.