Self care Saturday, Sep 24: Electrorave classical…?

Last weekend I attended a friend-of-a-friend’s birthday party and to my surprise, it ended up being a house full of Queers. Third wave intersectional feminist Queers. Needless to say, my usual problem of not having any talk small enough for “small talk” was not a problem! I had an animated chat about BDSM, the Leather community, abuse & control, the whisper network dilemma for lesbians, and… not liking club music.

That last chat was with our DJ. At one point she asked me what kind of music I was into and I answered truthfully, “nothing like this [club music], I usually listen to classical.” She gave me a look that I understand to mean “challenge accepted,” and she put on this, and then remixed it live:

I had mentioned my preference mostly off hand, and found it very suave of her to put something on that she thought I’d enjoy. As it turns out, I do enjoy it, and now have a bizarre electrorave classical genre to dive into thanks to her.

And now, so do you!