Jason Kenney’s next endorsement (in which Shiv loses a bet)

When I last guessed on who would endorse Jason Kenney next, I wagered it would be a Holocaust denier.

Well, Kenney has received his next endorsement, and I was wrong:

As Kenney leads a crusade against Alberta’s policies tackling climate change, it turns out the man running Kenney’s leadership campaign was once described as a “global warming critic” by the Globe and Mail.

Oh good. Just a climate change denier. Much better than a Holocaust denier.

He’s suggested those who agree with the scientists are participating in “wacky mass-behaviour,” dismissing climate change concerns as nothing more than a “sociological phenomenon,” a “popular delusion” and yes, even as a form of “collective psychosis.”

That’s John Weissenberger, Stephen Harper’s closest friend and most trusted adviser, who now serves as Kenney’s campaign manager as he seeks the leadership of Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives

Laughing? Crying? With Jason Kenney, who knows.

I can’t even parody this shit.

-Shiv, Fashionable Communist, Annihilator of Man


  1. johnson catman says

    So I guess the “Progressive” in their title is somewhat akin to “Family” in Family Research Council?

  2. Siobhan says

    @1 johnson catman

    So I guess the “Progressive” in their title is somewhat akin to “Family” in Family Research Council?

    Admittedly the PCs had a few moments of clarity here and there prior to the last election. Considering the Canadian political centre is practically communist in comparison to ‘Murika, even our centre-right parties are somewhat liberal. I do think the term “progressive” is inherently mutually exclusive with “conservative,” and I disliked the old PCs, but didn’t necessarily fear horseshit like a bathroom bill.

    Important caveat: Prior to the last election. The PCs lost hard. Now that the PCs are shattered, everything from their leadership to their policy could be reinvented as they prepare for the next campaign. Their old image didn’t work, so they’ll rebrand. If Kenney wins, he’ll make sure the new brand is all-out reactionary. On the plus side, that’ll mean he occupies the same political space as the Dickweed Wildrose Party, so at least the reactionary vote will be split.