Jason Kenney receives endorsement from another garbage fire

Jason “I don’t get caught up in the details” Kenney receives another endorsement from a gold star asshat conservative pundit, Sheila Gunn Reid. But this endorsement is a bit… erm, shall we say roundabout?

If you don’t support Jason Kenney’s bid to lead Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives, some of Kenney’s allies might launch gender-based attacks on you.

Just ask former Alberta PC MLA David Quest who expressed concerns about Kenney’s leadership bid on Ezra Levant’s right-wing Rebel Media website last week.

Shortly after, fellow Rebel personality Sheila Gunn Reid took to her YouTube soapbox to tar-and-feather Quest, denouncing him as a Liberal and even taunting the former MLA for losing to a “gender-queer Colombian immigrant” during the last election.

…Sure. Roundabout. 

Basically, David Quest criticized Kenney’s bid for the “Progressive” Conservative leadership, citing Kenney’s history of being the political equivalent of cucumbers pickled in gasoline. So one of Kenney’s biggest fans, suspected garbage fire Sheila Gunn Reid, decided the best way to discredit Quest was by pointing out he lost his election to a, quote, “genderqueer Colombian immigrant.”

Gunn Reid responded by accusing Quest of joining “the shrill chorus of the panicked and scared who reject the idea of Jason Kenney leading their party.”

“No one should care what he has to say about Jason Kenney,” Gunn Reid added, emphasizing her point by stating Quest is “a Stelmach loyalist who lost the last election to a 20 something, gender queer SJW NDP MLA.”

Try saying that last sentence aloud. SJW NDP MLA. Also, technically, Estefania Cortes-Vargas wasn’t an MLA when Quest lost, they were merely a candidate. Also also, Cortes-Vargas didn’t come out as genderqueer until after the Albertan government proposed Bill 7 (explicit rights for trans people at the provincial level). They campaigned under she/her pronouns and never disputed this until the debate over Bill 7 got real fucking nasty. But let’s not have facts get in the way of our endorsement for Jason “I don’t get caught up in the details” Kenney.

I suppose all Gunn Reid’s barb towards Quest is missing is “you lost to a girrrrrrl.”

Who will endorse Jason Kenney next? I can’t wait. We’ve covered forced birthers and transphobes, so who’s left on the bigot punch card? Oh oh oh, an anti-semite. I’mma make that prediction now. The next endorsement will be from a Holocaust denier.