Conservative interim leader Rona Ambrose uses misogyny as dismissal tactic


In issue #1,900,445 of “politician puts foot in mouth,” the interim Conservative leader, Rona Ambrose, takes to criticizing Trudeau by ‘joking’ he is the “first female Prime Minister.”

In her speech, she mentions a not unfair history of prominent Conservative women in Canadian government. Yes, it’s true, the Conservative party has had a few female leaders. That’s great. Then she goes on to speak of the first female Prime Minister (Kim Campbell), interrupting herself with a ‘joke’ about how “You would think Trudeau was the first.”

Soooo in a speech about how your party empowers women, you decided the best way to take a dig at the PM is to insult him… by suggesting he is a woman.

People have accused me of being biased by saying I only cover Conservative stupidity. But guys, seriously, they make it so easy.

Do we still have to parse out how this “joke” is sexist? Ambrose, I’mma use the smallest words I know. Your joke works like this:

  1. Women are bad at stuff.
  2. I think Trudeau is bad at stuff.
  3. Therefore Trudeau is a woman.

Believing #1 to be true despite evidence to the contrary suggests the belief is not rational, but… wait for it… PREJUDICED!!

The Cons! Prejudiced! Say it ain’t so!!

The only joke here is your speech, Ambrose.



  1. chigau (違う) says

    I’d like it if the Federal “Conservative” Party dropped the word “Conservative”.
    The Conservative Party died when Mulroney killed it.
    That Harper CRAParty is the Refoooooorm Party