Ohio’s Weather and My Thirst for Knowledge

I am in awe of science and nature although I often have a hard time understanding it. I respect those fields and those who study them a lot. I wish those subjects came easier to me. 

One science field I am really fascinated with is the weather and I live in the perfect place for that kind of interest. In my little corner of Ohio, we often experience extremes — hot and humid summers, cold and snowy winters, and everything in between. There are always exceptions. The weather rarely follows the rules. Plus we’re in the Hoosier Alley so we get some gut-wrenching storms. 

I was induced when my daughter was born and when I was admitted to the hospital, my husband asked the nurses to have the baby be born during a storm. Two days later when she was actually born there was lots of thunder and lightning and everyone’s phones were going off with weather warnings while I was pushing. It was awesome. It couldn’t have been more perfect. What was funny was that a couple of the nurses were freaked out because that was what my husband had asked for and it actually happened. (However, my daughter was born at night during tornado season, so chances were pretty good that it might storm.) 

In Ohio, we are often at the mercy of the weather. It can change drastically from one day to the next. I love it. It keeps you on your toes. 

Our weather makes me want to know more about how the world works. I think that drive and thirst for knowledge is so important. Religion gives some pretty makeshift answers to the universe, but I think it is so exciting to want to discover the truth. Humans are curious creatures and it’s natural to want to learn more. Everything has an earthly explanation — even if we haven’t found it yet. We are all a part of nature — not above it.

Most people have a fear of the unknown, but we need to let go. Supernatural explanations shouldn’t be required to feel comfortable living your life in the real world.

My super awesome husband bought me a home weather station, and I’m going to learn as much as I can.

What fascinates you about the world? What do you want to learn about?


  1. says

    Anything about the future fascinates me, knowing I may have only another 30 odd years to experience it. predicting things with math and graphs is fun.

  2. publicola says

    Why does anything exist at all? Is there some condition/property that favors existence over non-existence? We can see almost 13 billion years into the past. Is what was there then still there, or is it gone? These are just a few of the thousand questions I’d like to have answered, but I doubt I’ll live long enough.

  3. suttkus says

    What do I want to know about? What don’t I want to know about!

    My science shelves have books on math, paleontology, zoology (evolution being a personal favorite subject), astronomy, cosmology, cosmogony, subatomic physics, meteorology, ecology, and an endless array of nature guides. Lately, I’ve been feeling that my geology reading is painfully neglected (It comes from living in Florida, the state with the most boring geology in the country).

    The world is endlessly fascinating.

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