Rambling About My Place in the Universe

In the grand scale of the universe, we are insignificant. We play our part and then we die. Religion makes humans feel special but I feel in many ways it disrespects the rest of the living world. We are not above anything else. We need our planet, but it doesn’t need us. 

Nature and science are amazing, so let’s give them the credit and respect they deserve.

I’m not trying to be negative or downplay the human experience, but you don’t need a higher power to feel special or significant. We are a part of the universe, not above it. 

Confidence comes from within — not above — and it is up to you to set your place at the table. Freedom and individuality are important to me, and I define myself by my ambition. I say what makes me special, not god. 

Respect yourself. Respect other living things. It really is just that simple. I don’t need instructions from a holy book to tell me what’s right or where I stand.

I’m going to enjoy my tiny moment of time in the universe. I’m not going to waste my time betting on god to provide humans with an afterlife. I will play my part, then die.


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    I’m not going to waste my time betting on god to provide humans with an afterlife.

    First I’d worry about my apparent lack of a soul, before I worried about it somehow continuing after I am dead.
    It’s fun to dig into christians’ ideas of afterlife and souls. You find that they generally don’t even have a clue what they are talking about, yet they are asserting something so important is there. I’d expect, given the importance of souls to religion, that they’d have great research institutions devoted to studying the soul scientifically. Nope, instead they build great gaudy buildings based on the assumption that we have souls. It’s like they’re just in it for the money or something. Suspicious, huh?

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