The Daily Bird #161.

A crow was met by rq: This crow. Got its wings and tail chewed off as a fledgling, now lives in a sort of refuge with a pair of pheasants. They built it a ladder up the tree and apparently its favourite game is to carry a tin can up and drop it to the ground. Click for full size.


© rq, all rights reserved.

A Measure of Trust.

One of the young Turkeys was on the deck, and I took a chance and opened the window, slowly. The youngster stopped now and then, keeping an eye on me, but kept on eating. I got the window all the way open, said hello and talked for a moment or two. Then I focused and took a photo – the shutter noise on Nikons is quite loud, and rather scary when doing rapid shooting. I got the hairy eyeball, then it was back to eating. Took a deep breath and commenced with the rapid fire. Outside of a look or two, the youngster stayed relaxed, and kept eating, trusting the strange, noisy creature to do no harm. I’m all manner excited. Click for full size.






© C. Ford.