1. rq says

    There’s a really, really neat light effect from this lens that add some magic to the photos. Esp. love the second, what a snout.

  2. says

    @kestrel, thank you, but it turns out it is actually not very difficult to make a macro lens. All it takes is cheap magnifying glass for 1,-€, a piece of paper pipe, a few sheets of paper, glue, and some black paint.

    I have identified the species with the help of my private library, which is of course not entirely up to date. According to Wiki the species has been reclasified in 2002 and now belongs to a different genus. So correct name is Chiasmia clathrata. Sorry for the mis-identification.

  3. voyager says

    Wonderful photos and even though your macro lens was cheaply sourced it has a nice feel to it. Softens the light well, with a nice, clear point of focus. Well done!

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