Gettin’ organized.

Okay, long hours of getting organized. Again. I had to take my old jeans organizer down, because rats. Yes, they discovered it and started using it as a climbing wall. Wheee! Not so whee for me. Got that back up, because now I can close the door, and the magical climbing wall goes away for the night. This holds only the thread I’m using for the Tree Quilt. The Peace Quilt thread is in a large container of its own; the rest of my embroidery thread is in a 6 drawer cart. So, on with the organization:


Then it was time to sort through and organize all the vintage thread I’ve come across in thrift stores:



Then I tackled the small bag of perle 3 from Kestrel. That contained 170 skeins. I’m going to need a lot more containers before I tackle the big bag.




Click for full size. © C. Ford, all rights reserved.

Box of Joy, Part 1.

I have received wondrous things! First, from Kestrel, an absolutely amazing amount of DMC Perle 3. I don’t use a lot of perle, because it’s more expensive, and what I do have is 5, which is considerably smaller. So, next major project will need to be Perle 3 based, I think. I have not yet pulled them all out, counted, sorted, or anything else. I’m still a bit busy picking my jaw up here. Thank you so much, Kestrel!



Of course I did.


While figuring out what colours I wanted for the next background piece, I came across a very small amount of the ultra very light mocha. Of course I did. So, as that’s what I need more of to finish this particular bit of background, I’ll get a couple more lines done on it now. Clickety for full size. © C. Ford. All rights reserved.

The Vast Expanse of Ultra-light Mocha.

Started on the light mocha section of the background, and naturally, I don’t have near enough skeins of ultra-light mocha to finish. So, I’ll work on it until I run out, then do something else, I guess, until I can replenish my supply. Just checked, and found one more skein, so that makes 6 and a quarter skeins to burn right through. Current Hours: 948. Skeins used: 135.


Random Monday

Since I’ve been posting work on the tree quilt, I decided to show a small bit of a different part of the process. When I first started, I was trying to figure out how I wanted to lay the tree out, so I decided to spend a day outside with my camera and sketch book, staring at trees. The pursuit of shape resulted in a great many photos and even more sketches, many of which were incorporated into the tree quilt. Click for full size.






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