On fuck ups and flexibility.


Best laid plans and all that. The large section of background I’m currently working on, I had planned doing in light cocoa, and ultra light mocha. In a stroke of brilliant idiocy, I somehow managed to completely forget about the light cocoa thread when I stocked up on the colours needed for this bit of the tree quilt. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, I’d just get to Joann’s and get more, but I am dire broke, and will be that way for two weeks. Yes, I could work on another bit for two weeks, but I am motivated, right now, to get this section done. I have to go with these motivated moments, because if I stop working this section, it will just turn into a massive chore of tedium, and I’ll find reasons to put it off.

So, a change of plan. I had just enough light cocoa to tie it into the bottom section of light cocoa. As I have 7 skeins of medium cocoa, medium it is. It always pays to be flexible in the face of fuck-ups.

One Skein.

This 2″ x 1″ section of knots is one skein of embroidery thread. A skein is 8 m (8.7 yards). This marks the 127th skein used so far in the Tree Quilt. If I have the time to order online, I do, because it’s a substantial savings at 49 cents per skein. The times I have to pick up what I need at Joann’s, not so great, because the cost per skein there is 70 cents to 1 dollar per skein.


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