Good bye, sweet Estelle

We really have no luck here. Today the kid came home to Estelle being lifeless. We rushed her to the clinic, but there was nothing to be done for her. She apparently had a big tumour in her belly, and the vet told us that while she could attempt invasive procedures, it was very unlikely that she would survive it, so we decided to let her go. We buried her next to her little sister. Damn, I know that nature never intended for small rodents to live long lives, but it hurts every time.

Picture of our deceased degu estelle, wrapped in a towel and adorned with spring flowers.

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  1. says

    Thank you all for your kind words.
    We miss her terribly, and Candy misses her especially. At least I could solve the issue of what to do with her now, since she cannot stay alone and I cannot do the socialisation.
    Our breeder is willing to foster her for a while and socialise her with new companions. Then they’ll move back in. She’s really a wonderful person whose main concern is the wellbeing of the animals.
    A and I can do some upgrades to “Degustan” in the meantime.

  2. avalus says

    That hurts, sorry for your loss. You did your best and the breeder sounds like a person with the heart in the right place.

    Also fuck cancer!

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