Robin? Robin!

Happy new year, everyone.

I had a new and surprising visitor in my garden two days ago, a robin. I have seen robins in my garden before, but never ever in winter. And I was lucky enough to take a picture this time, so you can see it too.

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  1. Tethys says

    That is a very round, fluffy Robin. I can see why the unrelated North American birb was given the same name, with their orange-red breast feathers.

  2. voyager says

    What a lovely robin. Our Canadian robins are much larger and are never seen in the winter. The first sighting of a robin in Springtime is always a delight.

  3. Jazzlet says

    In a successsfull attempt to stop squirrels steaing all of the fat balls ours are hung on the end of a slippery pole balanced on the balcony railing with a brick on the other end. This means there is no where nearby to perch,which our local robin finds a problem becauuse it is just as round as this one, it tries and tries, but usually ends up picking up the bits dropped from the feeder to the ground below when any of the tits or blackbirds feed ; that’s if it isn’t chased off by the male blackbird. The robin gets very pissed off, but still keeps trying!

  4. says

    Down in Washington state I’ve seen our “robins” in the dead of winter. They start their song in March, but some robins are here all year. Or not? As migratory birds, I wonder that the winter ones might be the Canadian ones, while the ones we see in the summer are fucked off to California during the winter. Trading shifts. No idea.

  5. says

    Yesterday, Mr told me of a very colourful bird that had visited the feeder. The way he described it, it should at least have been some amazing hummingbird with no sense of direction and a heating blanket.
    Turns out he saw a robin. No idea where a robin is “green as a parrot”, but I’m slightly disappointed….

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