Jack’s Walk

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I live in a highly agricultural area, and my small city is surrounded on all sides by family run farms, many of which have market gardens. So, from May through October, I have access to a variety of locally grown produce at our outdoor farmer’s market. It’s a bit more expensive than the stuff you can get at a grocery store, but it tastes better and there isn’t a hint of plastic packaging to be found. I have a great set of resuable produce bags.

Local also means that I don’t need to buy American produce, which is a relief during this damned pandemic. Covid may or may not not linger on fresh fruit and veg, but I feel better not taking the chance.



  1. says

    Nomnomnom. Looks like heaven to me. My squashes are a failure. I got all male flowers and exactly three tiny squashes.
    I also still think having a different word for squashes and pumpkins is bullshit.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    I should get around to buying some pumpkin.

    Yeah, kurpitsa is used for both pumpkins and squashes in Finnish (I’m guessing kurpitsa comes from the German word Kürbis). Somehow, Swedish has the distinction between pumpa and squash.

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