Jack’s Walk

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Ahem… (singing) Just me and my Shadow, walking down the avenue (not the old, but the new).

Jack wanted to stop for a rest today, and it seemed the perfect time to snap a pic of our footwear.  Jack is sporting his usual handsome greying toes, and I am wearing my feelings on my feet instead of my sleeve.


  1. says

    Feet are wonderfully evolved organs that can do so much more than just get stuffed into manky tubs of sweat and fungus and support a huge tower of really weird bits and bobs.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    I lovely and loving picture. Much love!

    Lofty, yes, if it weren’t for the glass shards, sharp rocks and cold weather (that comes in a few months)*. Of course, when the weather is cold, woollen socks can be there to absorb the sweat.

    Giliell, a Were-Voyageur (in the best possible meaning of the word)?
    * = as a bonus, I would have needed sandals when I was visiting a public sauna with very hot floors a few weeks ago in Tampere, Finland. I managed not to burn my soles, but going quickly to the lake was de rigeur when going to cool off.

  3. says

    @Ice Swimmer, I wear work boots only when I have to protect my precious feet from damage from above, sturdy sandals outdoors for protection from below, warm socks for days under 10C, and bare feet inside or on smooth surfaces. Nothing better than feeling the texture of grass or beach sand through bare soles, Jack knows all about that I’m sure.

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