The Douro Valley, Part 1

Welcome to a new series from Nightjar. The story is told in 5 parts, beginning today and ending on Friday.

I’ve had this series semi-prepared for over a year but I kept meaning to write up a better story to accompany the pictures and since that never happened, I never shared them. I have now decided to write up something not as detailed as I had planned initially and just share the photos already. I’m sorry I couldn’t put more into this, but I hope you all enjoy it anyway.
Back in 2017 I did a (partial) Douro up-river cruise. Douro is one of our major rivers and the region around it is where Port wine comes from, as well as being home to important almond and olive plantations. I’ve regretted this trip, not only because cruises here are becoming too popular and thus environmentally costly, but also because shortly after it a scandal broke about workers’ rights abuse by the companies running this business. So, destroying the environment while trampling workers’ rights, that doesn’t exactly make me want to repeat it. But anyway, I selected a few photos I took during the trip to share. Here you can see an overview of the river and the surrounding landscape, some of its bridges and one of its dams. In the next chapter we, and the boat following us, will navigate through that dam. A 28 meters / 92 feet rise.

Overview, ©Nightjar, all rights reserved

Old bridge, ©Nightjar, all rights reserved

New bridge, ©Nightjar, all rights reserved

Train bridge, ©Nightjar, all rights reserved

Approaching the dam, ©Nightjar, all rights reserved

Approaching the dam and we’re not alone, ©Nightjar, all rights reserved





  1. lumipuna says

    I attended a student group bus tour in Douro valley in 2008. We had a tour of “horticultural attractions” ie. wineries, botanical gardens and parks around Portugal.

    In early September, there was a noticeable contrast between the hot dry Douro valley vs. humid Porto-Coimbra coastal strip.

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