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Jack and I want to talk about a few ways to keep your pet safe and happy over the holidays. Christmas can be stressful for our pets, but there are some simple things you can do to make it a happier, healthier time. We’ll be breaking it down into a few categories, and today we’ll begin with some safety tips to keep in mind while you decorate your home.

  •  Don’t use lilies, holly, mistletoe or poinsettia because they are all poisonous to your dog. Lilies are also highly toxic to cats and poinsettia can make your cat quite sick.
  • Don’t use real candles. If you must light real candles, blow them out when you leave the room. Keep candles out of reach. This is especially important for people who have cats that jump and knock things over.
  •  Use an artificial tree. It will be less interesting for your dog or cat.
  •  Anchor your Christmas tree.
  •  Don’t decorate the bottom part of the tree, it will only entice your pet.
  •  Block off the tree with a pet gate if your dog won’t’ leave the tree alone. Ditto for cats, which may also be dissuaded by tin foil around the edge of the tree skirt.
  •  Don’t use tinsel. It can cause serious problems if your pet ingests it.
  •  No edible decorations, such as popcorn and cranberry garlands or flour cookies.
  •  Block off access to the tree water if you have a real tree. The water is stagnant and can be full of bacteria. It could also contain a “tea” of pine needles, which will make both cats and dogs sick.
  •  Keep wiring and extension cords our of reach. They can cause severe injury if chewed through. They also give the animal an opportunity to knock something over.
  •  Keep it simple. Too many loud or obnoxious decorations can put your dog or cat on edge.
  •  Don’t use ribbon on packages that could entice your cat or dog to eat it. (cats eat the ribbon, ditto for dogs, who also may eat the whole package) Keep gifts out of reach if possible.
  • No glass ornaments. They can break too easily and the shards can cut your animal and can cause serious harm if ingested.
  •  Beware of Snow-Globes, which may leak or break if knocked over.  What’s inside them can be very toxic.
  • Unplug the lights when you go out or to bed. If your pet chews the cord while it’s plugged in, they can receive serious burns or electrocution.
  • Pretend like the tree is no big deal and provide other distractions for your pet. Food puzzles and new toys are an excellent way to keep your pet occupied. Empty boxes also work well for cats.

So there you have it. Some common sense ways to make the holidays happier and healthier for your pet. Tomorrow we’ll look at food safety tips over the holidays for your cat and dog.

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