Can you spot the lizard?

Avalus has sent us a small puzzle. Can you find the lizard? It took me a while, but it’s there. Click the photo for full-size.

Eidechse: First task is to find the lizard (and ignore my feet, they are there for size). This cute little lizard was very curious indeed.

©Avalus, all rights reserved


  1. springa73 says

    I gave up after a few minutes -- I’ve always been horrible at these “find X in the photograph” things.

    If it’s in the shadowed area I could probably spend hours without seeing it!

  2. avalus says

    Oh, sorry springa73. I meant to add a photo with an annotation where to find it but must have forgotten :(
    I will send the pic when I am on my owm computer.

    Spoiler: It sits just unter the first fold of the jeans of my left leg.

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