Jack’s Walk

Shovel face ©voyager, all rights reserved

We’ve been having steady fine snow since early this morning and by mid-afternoon, there was about 8 cm of the stuff on the ground. That seems like more than enough to me, but the weather gods are in a giving mood and apparently, it’s going to snow for the rest of the week.  That’s right, 5 days in a row of snow. In November. It isn’t even winter yet, and I’m already fed up with the weather.

Jack’s feelings are quite different, though. Jack doesn’t mind getting cold and he thinks that snow is fun. He begged me to play outside with him all morning, so I finally took him to our little forest where he frolicked off-leash for about an hour. He kept laughing and telling me that his toes were tingling as he hopped off and on the path, leaving big, sloppy paw prints facing in all directions. He used his face like a shovel the whole way round. When I asked him why he did that he told me that snow smells are layered and it’s helpful to know what’s at the bottom.

“Oh,” I said, “but you must inhale snow when you’re sniffing like that.”

He was quiet for a beat or two and finally said” Snorting snow is fun, mommy. You should try it, the smells get smellier. And deeper.”

“Snorting snow, Jack. No thanks, I like my nose to stay warm and dry.”

“You have a bad attitude, mommy. You need to try new things. Maybe if you did, you wouldn’t hate winter as much.”

The boy has a point. It’s going to be a long winter and attitude is important. I’ll waste a lot of todays waiting for a warmer tomorrow. Even so, I still don’t think breathing in wet snow will help, Bubba. “How about you do the snorting for both of us.”

“I always do, mommy,” he said bounding off with a laugh. “we’d never know anything if we counted on your pitiful nose for information.”


  1. Nightjar says

    I love this photo, Jack looks adorable. And he does have a point, I mean, our noses are pitiful. All those stories passed around by P-mail are totally lost on us.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    The snow really suits Jack and he has an old man look there.

    Here it’s 7 °C and raining aka “crappy summer weather but much more darkness”.

  3. voyager says

    Ice Swimmer,

    Jack is getting to be an old man. He’ll be twelve at the end of February.
    Sorry about your weather. It does sound crappy.

  4. voyager says


    I hope they get your medication sorted PDQ. You must be feeling frustrated about it. Despite that, I’m glad you had a good holiday, even if you and the dogs did get wet.
    I’ve looked at Cawsey House and it seems like a fabulous place to rent, especially if the dogs were welcome, too. Your description of the town sounds like someplace I’d enjoy. I like small independent shops and I am very fond of a good bakery. :) The area set aside for nature paths also sounds enjoyable. Especially if there’s still some fall colour. We have about 20Cm of snow at the moment.
    I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s decline. MS is an awful disease and it’s hard to witness.

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