Jack’s Walk

Mortimer P. Griswold “Smirk” ©voyager, all rights reserved

I was feeling a bit blue today, but Jack and I made the acquaintance of a new friend in the forest who helped buoy my spirits. His given name is Mortimer P. Griswold (the fourth), but he told us to call him Smirk. We met quite by accident when Jack almost peed on him, but luckily, Smirk called out in time for Jack to lower his leg and grin a small apology. Smirk laughed it off, saying that soaking up dog pee was just part of being a tree, and then he complimented Jack on his excellent manners. We stayed and chatted for a few minutes and Smirk giggled the whole time. He told us a few tree jokes that were a bit lame (How do trees get online? They log in.), but he was so darned happy that it was easy for Jack and I to laugh. We agreed to visit him again before leaving and then Jack and I continued on our way, both of us wearing a smile.


  1. dakotagreasemonkey says

    I love your interpretations of the anomalies that life presents you with.
    Always from a very obscure, kind, romantic, or practical perspective.
    Just a beautiful mind interpreting nature in unexpected ways!
    Keep on translating!

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