The Art of Book Design: Extracts from Adam’s Diary

Mark Twain. Extracts from Adam’s Diary. Illustrated by F. Strothmann. New York, Harper & Bros., 1904.

Today’s first edition Twain is another submission from Marcus. Adam’s Diary is a satirical and lighthearted look at Adam’s early days in the Garden of Eden. I’m including a few of the drawings from the book, mostly for comparison with the drawings from tomorrow’s book. You won’t want to miss that!

Extracts from Adam’s Diary, Frontispiece by F. Strothmann.

Extracts from Adam’s Diary, page 2.

Extracts from Adam’s Diary, Page 6.

Extracts from Adam’s Diary, Page 14.

Extracts from Adam’s Diary, Page 68.


Cover photo via Marcus Ranum (Stderr)

The book is available to read at The Internet Archive


  1. dakotagreasemonkey says

    Compared to Eve’s Diary, documenting the expression of pure innocence, this set of illustrations illuminates the non-sensical nature of any societal system that exploits the natural population of creatures for it’s own sole benefit,
    It’s practitioners, to the exclusion of every other life form, demand, and expect preferential treatment over the natural world.
    This expectation of dominance, has been the over-riding principle of every civilization that has dominated a small portion of the planet earth, even before there has been a recorded history.
    Depiction #1: Ma and Pa build a house, mainly to control their personal space against the weather.
    Depiction #2: Spread families power by pushing fertility outside your domain, ultimately, for your dominance.
    (works for all life forms, bacteria to human).
    Depiction #3: Mingling of genetics, outcome unknown, but worth a gamble.
    Depiction #4: Societies dominance over a particular segment of the planet earth. Who is dominating who? Corn, Wheat, Barley, Sunflower, Alfalfa, control the humans near where I live. Cattle, Poultry, Pig (Bacon) a very close second player. Pets, (any other life form that agrees to have humans sow their seed).
    There, the illustrations end.
    So,question is asked, Which life form is REALLY in control of our planet?

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