Holidays: Sagrada Familia 5

Or “being too smart for your own good”. Many photographers have nice expensive gear and then set everything on “automatic” and wonder why their pics are not that nice. Well, I’d never do that but do most of my adjustments by hand so I can get the best results. Except for when I forget about something. So here’s the question for the fellow camera addicts: Why do Giliell’s pics have this annoying blueish tint?

©Giliell, all rights reserved

©Giliell, all rights reserved

Here you can see the different style of later architects who worked at the cathedral after Gaudi’s death: sharper lines, more influenced by cubism than modernisme.

©Giliell, all rights reserved

©Giliell, all rights reserved


Write your guesses in the comments and I’ll tell you if you’re right tomorrow.


  1. voyager says

    The different styles of architecture are interesting to see.

    I also think that it’s the white balance setting.
    Most of my photos are hand-held and set on automatic because I need to keep one eye on Jack and I don’t have time to fuss. One of my goals for the upcoming winter season is to upgrade my camera skills. I’m also thinking I should start carrying a monopod because a tripod is too unwieldy when I have Jack with me, or maybe one of those small tripods that you can set down on something.

  2. says

    Most of my settings are on automatic because I cannot make heads or tails of all the possible manual settings. I am not, in point of fact, very good at this photography thingy.

    My first guess for the bluish tint was what Paul Durrant has said.

  3. says

    I was very lucky to grow up in a family of amateur photographersb so there was always some old gear I could haveb which meant that my “new” stuff was already 20 years out of time. This meant that I had to really learn about things like shutters and stuff. My first camera had an independent lighting meter I had to point in the direction of the motive and manually adjust for shutter time and such.

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