1. Jazzlet says

    Good short summary of the facts. We should get rid as soon as possible, but sadly we won’t.

  2. Rob Grigjanis says

    “relevant to some people”. Well, about 75% of Brits (no, not including me), so yeah, “some”.

    If this chap is also making videos about the cost of unrestrained capitalism, that’s fine. But if not, he’s basically pointing at the corgi shitting on the rug, and ignoring the piles left by the elephant.

  3. says

    @Rob Grigjanis, really? I mean, really? Come on, you are not a newbie around here, surely you know better than to make a covert “Dear Muslima” comment. Time each of us has is finite, so it is perfectly fine for each of us picking our own battles and what to criticise and when. Therefore it is perfectly fine for an individual to make a video complaining about the corgi shitting on the rug even if said individual personally did not make a video on the elefant shit pile yet and even does not plan on doing one later.

    Not to mention that the “chap” takes a critical jab at austerity politics in literally first minute of this video which makes it more than clear that he is not on board with how capitalism currently works in Britain. And several of his videos do in fact criticise unrestrained capitalism -- like his excellent video about the failed privatization of brittish rail.

  4. says

    I always found as odd the argument that the royal family attracts tourists. Do they really? I know that my group of acquaintances is a somewhat small and non-representative sample, but still I get the impression that it’s only the British people who are so emotionally attached to their royals. The rest of the world just doesn’t care much, if at all, about the British royal family.

    Personally, I haven’t visited the UK, but I know a bunch of people who have been there as tourists. Not a single one of my acquaintances went to the UK because of the royal family. Sure, many visited the palaces, but visiting local palaces is simply something tourists do everywhere. The same people would also visit French palaces despite the fact that French people decapitated their royal family already centuries ago. Being interested in local architecture isn’t related to who does or doesn’t live in those buildings.

    Alternatively, consider the coverage or royal weddings and childbirths in Latvian media. Sure, the media write about this stuff, but they also write about who baked the world’s largest pizza or which Hollywood celebrity got caught doing something illegal yet again. Latvian media do not talk about the British royal family with admiration, instead it is more like: “Look at those weird people, they spent a fortune on a wedding ceremony.”

    Among my acquaintances, the overall attitude towards the British royal family seems to be “whatever, they are a waste of money, but since I don’t pay taxes in the UK, I don’t care.”

    I know only one occasion where a person I know got interested in the British royal family. That was some years ago back when nude photos of prince Harry got leaked online, and my mother wanted to look them up in order to gawk at a naked prince. If the British royal family wanted to attract the world’s attention, they should just make some porn videos, that would work better than holding overpriced marriage ceremonies and making babies.

    Britons insisting that the royal family brings in tourists seems really odd for me, because outside of the UK people in general just don’t care about the British royal family.

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