The Art of Book Design: The Summer of Broken Things

Margaret Peterson Haddix. The Summer pf Broken Things. Simon and Schuster Books for Young readers, 2018.

I felt the need for something bright today and what could be better than an exploding flower.


Via: Goodreads


  1. says

    I don’t perceive this flower as exploding, instead I see it as destroyed. Even though yellow might be a bright color, I see this image as very sad. What I see here is a beautiful living thing destroyed on purpose by human hands.

    I’m assuming you perceive this photo of a flower differently than I do.

  2. voyager says

    On a purely visual level the spray of petals reminds me of the sun’s rays or fireworks, but I do also see the poignancy of ‘brokenness’ that you note. I also see this brokenness against a backdrop of white possibility and accept that all things are subject to entropy and that when something is destroyed, something else is created.

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