Jack’s Walk

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It’s been an absolutely glorious day here, full of sunshine and flowers and bees. The tulips around our neighbourhood are opening up in a riot of colour and down the street hyacinths are in full deep purple bloom. We’ve had a day and a half of sunshine and it seems that’s exactly what was needed to kick spring into gear. Yesterday morning the trees were only just a bit fuzzy, but this afternoon there are actual leaves popping out all over. It isn’t quite leaf day yet, but I think it might be tomorrow. Everything is growing so quickly. Overnight my hydrangeas sprouted leaves and I swear my grass has put on 2 or 3 inches of growth since yesterday morning. It’s like someone waved a magic wand and said ‘go, hurry.’ So imagine my surprise to arrive at the park this afternoon and find all of the tulips there still tightly closed.  Oh well, it obviously isn’t their day yet.

It’s my day! ©voyager, all rights reserved


  1. cherbear says

    Tulips have many varieties that open with various times in the spring. The very earliest open around the time for crocuses while the latest bloom at the end of spring (doubles). Ontario has short springs though, so they get more glommed together I think. Anyways, gorgeous pictures! I love the contrasting purple hyacinth and orange tulip!
    How’s Jack?

  2. cherbear says

    Oops. well, maybe after crocuses, but before the big tulips. They are still pretty early.

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