Canyon Matka – Part 1v2: Pathways cont’d

Here are some more pictures of the walk back from the caves, I don’t think any particular commentary is necessary, just enjoy. Although these are more demonstrative of the treachery inherent to any wild and untamed place that feels the heavy hand of human civilisation: rebellion lies not far beneath the surface.

©rq, all rights reserved.

In some places, the railing was completely absent. From the pale scratches on the rock below, it was deduced that this was relatively recent damage… So the walk continued with frequent glances upslope! ©rq, all rights reserved.

©rq, all rights reserved.

©rq, all rights reserved.

This, I think, was the most uncomfortable place of the entire hike. ©rq, all rights reserved.

©rq, all rights reserved.

©rq, all rights reserved.

Gateway to a magical world… ©rq, all rights reserved.

Is this the tomb of Amontillado? Or simply a bricked up cave? The words ‘Open Sesame’ didn’t seem to have any effect at all… ©rq, all rights reserved.


  1. voyager says

    “Gateway to a magical world” is wonderful. Your photo beckons to me. All your photos beckon to me, except for maybe the ‘uncomfortable’ place. Not there. Nope.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    I’d be stepping carefully on the first one.

    I love the view from the mouth of the cave.

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