Jack’s Walk

Happy Birthday to me! ©voyager, all rights reserved

Today is Jack’s 11th Birthday, sort of. Jack is a Leap Year Baby and since there is no February 29 this year we’re celebrating today. So far, Bubba has listened to his parents sing to him off-key, had bacon and eggs for breakfast and then had an exciting romp up at the lake. Plans for later in the day include gifts (a new rubber pig that honks and squeals and a bag of his favourite treats – Greenies,) more singing (Jack loves to sing) and a nice bit of salmon to top his kibble for supper. All in all, I’d say that’s a pretty good day for a not-quite birthday.


  1. Jazzlet says

    Happy not-quite Birthday Jack! Enjoy your treats and toy and singing and Salmon, I can see you enjoyed your romping!

  2. Nightjar says

    Belated happy not-quite birthday to Jack! Or something like that :)
    It sounds like he had a wonderful day and he looks so happy in that picture!

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