Marcus has mentioned Alec Steele a few weeks ago, but at first I did not like his over-the-top presenting style. Well, he is young and full of vim and vigor, and I am getting old and full of bile, what can you expect.

However Alec seems to be a genuinely likeable guy – his career is essentially built on helping others to learn the blacksmithing trade. And that is something I really cannot object to. I got over my initial dislike of his whooping and now I am binge-watching his videos and learning new stuff. Maybe I get to try some of it in real life.

I am a bit envious that he has found a job he loves, is good at it and it puts bread on the table at mere 16 years age, I managed only two out of three when I was twice that age. Grumble grumble grum….


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    When I first ran across Alec, I thought he was a bit put-on. Then, I realized that he’s some kind of energizer-powered accomplishing machine, and he’s actually quite sincere.
    One of the best things about him is that he listens and thinks and takes feedback. If he keeps learning things at the rate that he has been, he’s going to wind up ruling some small corner of the planet.

    You might also enjoy Michaelcthulhu’s stuff -- he’s definitely an oddball, but he’s an artist with an angle grinder and a welding torch. And then there’s ThisOldTony.

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