Crimes against mankind: fat women existing

Let’s get it out of the way, right at the start: I’m fat. That is a simple statement of fact. I’m not a bit “on the chubby side” or have “womanly curves”. Actually, I find such statements pretty offensive because they imply that being fat would be a horrible thing (it isn’t), but I’m not (I am). Listen, everybody with eyes to see knows I’m fat. this is not a moral statement. This does not tell you much about who I am or what I do. It has absolutely no relationship to my character.

Yet, when you’re fat, especially when you’re a fat woman, your weight is everybody’s business, usually under the guise of being “concerned” about our health.

So, Nike creating a range of sportswear for fat women should be universally lauded because it will encourage us to finally take up that exercise you’ve been bothering us with for the last few decades, right? Right?

Comments on the picture:

You don’t have to be so PC, Nike, this is trying too hard, fat isn’t pretty nor healthy.

Another guy, Aaron,  feels obliged to explain this to us in detail:

Nike have officially just lost my respect and cracked other the PC brigade of having to keep people happy (sic), next you all will be supporting severe obesity where people can’t walk or get out of bed lol health and facts have literally gone for all you snowflakes. So we want people to be happy with their weight, even if it causes cloths (sic) higher blood pressure, diabetes, sever (sic) difficulty in breathing and lazyness (sic), is this what you loneys (sic) all support because if so then you’re supporting a person’s insecurity to try feel proud of themselves but really hate every inch of there (sic) body and emotionally eat themselves fat, and you still support it, anyone who supports this is the reason, and proof that this world is losing touch with keeping healthy.

I don’t know, but it seems like Aaron is a bit, uhm, emotional about a clothing line for women. Especially given that this is sportswear, so it’s actually designed for people who want to, you know, exercise. But Aaron’s (and other guys’ anger is well justified, because if we make clothing that fits fat women (somehow fat men are of little concern even though statistically, there’s more of them), they may actually feel good about themselves (because nothing can cause grumpiness like an ill-fitting bra) and that cannot be permitted. Because as Aaron and every other dude like him knows, we’re categorically miserable. Really. We may seem to live happy and productive lives, have friends, lovers, lots of fun, but as Aaron knows, we’re actually just faking it (you cannot be productive anyway because fat people are lazy, don’t you know?).  The obvious solution for this is that we just stop being fat. Somehow. While please not existing in public, because that really offends dudes like Aaron. No exercise and sports either, because somehow that supports us in being fat. Sorry if that logic escapes you. It’s because you’re a woman, or fat, or both, or neither. Don’t ask me, I don’t make the rules.

Or maybe we just see Aaron for the sad entitled prick that he his, feigning concern for our health while being very upset about a company selling clothing that makes it easier for fat people to actually exercise and do something for their health*.

And  I’m sorry I have to say it, but Aaron, you should have sat still and paid attention in your English class.

*And no, exercise is not about losing weight. Exercise is good for you. Go find something that you enjoy and that makes you feel alive. Forget about your weight.


  1. DavidinOz says

    Right On!

    I guess in some people’s eyes, I’m fat. Others would say I obese! Gedoverit.

    I am 66 years old, have spent a total of 9 days in hospital, 1 for a broken arm at 10, one for a suspected hernia at 36, 5 for a destroyed elbow after a fall on ice at 58, and two last year for a kidney stone. I guess it isn’t me chewing up precious health dollars.

    My doctor wants me to “lose weight”, but I just put that down to him being a vegetarian Indian who doesn’t like wine. :-)

    OK, some people don’t like the sight of me, but that’s their problem; I don’t like the sight of hideously venous body builders, but I can deal with it. I don’t go to meathead gyms.

    But yes, I’m a bloke, and you’re not, so fewer people challenge me about my weight, my dress, demanding I smile on cue, and all those other impositions on women.

    We have a saying for those people in Oz -- Go and stick your head up a dead bear’s bum.

  2. kestrel says

    Yeah… I never really understood this mindset, but I think you’re correct: it is people who just can not stand the thought of someone existing that is _______ (whatever the blank should be filled with -- black? Trans? Jewish? etc.) I guess what it comes down to is “not one of us” and therefore ostracized.

    People who model clothes and look like a nearly-starved-to-death antelope wearing makeup are a pretty disturbing sight, at least to me. I think that trend is changing and I sincerely hope so. I like this line of clothing and think it’s a great idea: clothes are supposed to fit human beings, not starved antelope. Women need to have clothing that fits well and is comfortable and appropriate. Also, fun fact: women don’t just exist for people to look at.

    @DavidinOZ, #1: I love that saying. I shall strive to use it correctly in a sentence at the very first opportunity.

  3. Jazzlet says

    This, so much this.

    Aaron’s logic and English fails offend me, people being fat does not, aside from anything else it would be grossly hypocritical, as I too am fat.

  4. says

    Being fat brings along a lot of complications, and past a certain point, it can become fatal. Exercise is actually a good way to lose weight in conjunction with a reasonable diet. And when you’re self-conscious about your weight, it’s even harder to get up and exercise. Why would anyone want to discourage exercise?

  5. says

    I tried out for the PC Brigade of Keeping People Happy, but my tendency to grit my teeth and glower got me transferred to the PC Brigade of Silently Judging People.

  6. springa73 says

    I am also fat/obese, but relatively privileged since I’m a man -- I got made fun of a lot for being overweight as a kid and teenager, but that pretty much ceased with adulthood and I never really had to face outright hostility the way women in a similar situation do. I do hear some concern about my health from friends and family, but it doesn’t bother me since it is non-judgmental and certainly not hostile. I’ve also had doctors talk to me about the need to lose weight, including recommending that I consider gastric bypass surgery. I’ve always politely rejected the latter suggestion -- I simply do not want to have part of my stomach removed so I can never eat a big meal again! I could definitely use some dietary improvements and more physical activity, but I suspect that even with those I will still be overweight.

  7. says

    One of the good things about my hanging around active older people is their lack of care about what shape you are, instead focusing on what you do with yourself. Younger people are often too judgemental for my taste.

  8. says

    WMD Kitty

    Being fat brings along a lot of complications,

    No, it can bring along complications. I don’t suffer any of them. My blood pressure is perfect (new health care providers usually take it at least twice because they’re trained to believe that all fat people suffer from high blood pressure), so is my blood sugar. I accept that my weight puts a strain on my knees, but so does playing tennis.
    Not all fat people are one good meal away from cardiovascular arrest. I do worry about my BFF and my mum. I worry because they are experiencing mobility issues.

    and past a certain point, it can become fatal.

    Nobody is denying that. Yet me, many other people and especially the models in that picture are very far from that. If we treated thin people like this, harping on them and shaming them when they’re still very far from that point then nobody would be a “healthy weight”.
    Not to mention all the health care issues that arrive from health care providers treating our weight as the one and only solution to whatever problems we have, telling us to “lose weight” (a “therapy with a 90+% failure rate…) and then shift the blame on us when things don’t improve.

    Exercise is actually a good way to lose weight in conjunction with a reasonable diet.

    See, this is what I hate about this. Yeah, if you want to lose weight, exercise is a good thing. But exercise is a good thing nevertheless! Not everything I do in my life must revolve around “losing weight”. That’s fucking unhealthy, yet somehow eating disorders seem to be OK if they happen to fat people. Letting go of that thought actually made it a lot easier to go outside and get some exercise. I exercise because exercise is good for me and makes me feel good and is good for my health. Maybe I lose some weight, maybe not. Maybe it simply meant that all the Christmas calories were burned in the process. I don’t care.

  9. Nightjar says

    I’m sorry, I don’t like to make fun of other people’s typos because I know I can make some myself, but now I can’t stop picturing fat people randomly bringing pieces of cloth into existence as they go about their normal lives. I guess it’s because it took me a while to figure out what the hell that was supposed to mean.

    Apart from that, Aaron is an idiot who should spend less time getting all worked up about such harmless, mundane stuff. That isn’t, you know… healthy.

  10. chigau (違う) says

    I’m not fat but I’d appreciate it if people would stop complimenting me on being 5 kilograms underweight.

  11. Jazzlet says

    I appreciate you exercising because it means we get photos like your ‘Walking in Winter Wnoderland’ series, so you jolly well better keep on with that exercising! ;-)

  12. StevoR says

    I’m fat too.

    I work, I exercise. I enjoy life. I’m me.

    I’m okay with others thinking and being the same way & thinking and being different -- but don’t damn me for being who & what I cannot help being. Also (do I need to say this even?) I’m not gunna do that to others because, well, y’know I do try not to be a complete hypocrite or douche. That simple really.

  13. rq says

    I took up tae kwon do to lose weight. What happened instead is I built muscle without changing too many of my contours: sadly, I still can’t fit back into my high school pants. On the other hand, that new strength I’ve been developing? Packs a whole lot of punch. Nyahahahahaaa…

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