Slavic Saturday

I was actually thinking whether this would be better suited here or in the “Behind the Iron Curtain” series and I decided for putting it here.

Former Czechoslovak Socialist Republic has had a great tradition of stop-motion capture movies and one of its pinnacles was a series of short stories for children that was so succesful that it runs until today. The series started the same year I was born, and one of my favourite episodes “Tapety” (Wallpapers) is just three years younger. The series was originally named “A je to!” (It’s done!) and was aired in the evenings as a bed-time story for children.

You can enjoy this series no matter your native language since there are exactly zero words spoken. If you spend bing watching multiple episodes, feel free to blame me.


  1. Kreator says

    OK, that was hilarious from beginning to end! I think I ~might~ have seen another of these shorts online in the past, but I’m not quite sure. The mole, on the other hand, is an old acquaintance -its cartoons were broadcast in Argentina when I was a child. Ah, memories!

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    People seem to have been busy today. I was about as busy as these gentlemen, but somewhat more lucky.

    The furniture in the film was nicely done and familiar looking.

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