1. says

    I love foxglove, so pretty, and safe enough if you don’t go eating the leaves. Foxglove was a fave instrument of death in old mysteries; Christie used it more than once. Always a matter of foxglove being planted next to the sage in the kitchen garden, and being accidentally picked. I always used to wonder why anyone would have foxglove in their kitchen garden in the first place.

  2. avalus says

    I grew up with foxglove in my parents garden, among other deadly plants. It was rather good for learning the “look-don’t touch!” rule by heart.

  3. says

    Avalus, it was the same with me. I still remember getting the sternest lecture over the deadly nightshade, and it was still a temptation -- I swear, those are the most beautiful berries ever.

  4. Nightjar says

    I know foxglove as a wildflower/weed, not as a garden plant, and interestingly enough I was taught to play with it as a kid but I don’t remember being taught about its toxicity. We would pick the flowers, close the opening tight with two fingers and make them pop like a balloon by pressing them against the other hand. I do remember sucking the nectar as well, which I guess isn’t a great idea, but I didn’t die.

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