Jack’s Walk


©voyager, all rights reserved

©voyager, all rights reserved

The poppies have opened and they’re beautiful, but I prefer the iris a few houses down. It has so many velvety shades of purple and they all point to that fuzzy yellow strip of pollen.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Lovely colours indeed. And, I love the stripes in the irises.

    The poppies glow strongly and the the irises a bit more subtly and the “harder” light suits the poppies and the softer suits the irises in these pictures.

  2. rq says

    Can’t wait for my own poppy explosion, these are wonderful.
    Very few cultivated irises this year, though -- just one stem that has made a brave stand against an awkward spring and blossomed into its non-descript brown-purple shades. Ah well. The peonies are going wild, though.

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