Nazis: All About Taking Guns Away.

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Frances Swaggart, wife of Jimmy Swaggart, has been mouthing off about the recent marches for gun control and reform, and she doesn’t like it, no sir. Ms. Swaggart did pop up with some interesting reasoning, which she claims is historical fact:

“Hitler’s regime took away guns from the people in Germany and then he herded all of those who did not like it into box cars and shipped them to concentration camps where they were enslaved, beaten, raped and murdered,” she said. “The victims didn’t fire a shot in self defense because their guns had been taken away. That’s a fact.”

“And that’s why evil people want to take the guns away from law-abiding citizens here in the United States of America,” the host opined. “Everybody says, ‘Let’s get rid of the guns.’ It’s the worst decisions that could be ever made. Get rid of the guns. No! No! No! Put God back into the schools.”

Um…how in the hell do you even address this level of wrong? I, uh, can’t even figure out where to start. Perhaps with this: if everyone was armed, maybe the time to go on a nazi shooting spree would have been before the herding into box cars? No, I just can’t do this, it all seems terribly frivolous to even address this monstrous falsity in the face of such evil. I certainly know where the evil lies in this country, and that’s with christian conservatives, who keep falling further off the cliff of lunacy. Dangerous lunacy. Unfortunately, there’s more of this, but even reading it makes me feel sick. You can read the rest at RawStory.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    Bearing false witness is a sin against one of TheTen(or so)Commandments.
    Frances is going to *BURN *, so it’s all good.

  2. says

    I’d settle for her being struck mute. Pity there’s no god who is all about love, and would be appalled by Frances’s hatred and lies.

  3. suttkus says

    The important thing here is, they’ve just admitted that good guys with guns cannot magically stop bad guys with guns. Thanks for letting us know you’ve been lying all this time, guys!

  4. brucegee1962 says

    They seem to love the argument that guns are necessary to protect us against a tyrannical state. And yet, when Micah Xavier Johnson responded to the systematic murders and incarcerations of his fellow young black men in Dallas by shooting some police, these very same people were aghast and horrified. And I’m sure that, if anyone suggested using guns for political assassinations, they’d be horrified by that too. Which raises the question: if we’re supposed to use guns to defend ourselves from a threatening government, but we aren’t allowed to shoot the police, and we aren’t allowed to shoot politicians, then whom exactly are we supposed to shoot?

  5. says

    Yeah, the massive private gun ownership among the Jewish and general population of the 1930s.
    True fact: Jews were removed from the military*, so the closest thing today would be Trump banning trans people.

    *Many Jews paid with their lives for the simple belief that while it might be nasty and horrible to suffer such discrimination*, nothing truly bad would happen. Hadn’t they proven their loyalty to Germany by fighting in WWI?

    *Hitler had two big inspirations:
    Jim Crow and Andrew Jackson.
    He realised that a Jim Crow system would simply not work because the Jewish population was well educated and economically strong, so they would have been “separate and fabulous” (not to mention intermarried with the non-Jewish population), so he went for Jackson and the final solution.

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