Jack’s Walk

That white stuff you see in the foreground is snow mould, not snow, and it happens every year in these parts. It comes with the snowmelt and is a fungal infection of the soil that kills grass. It puts out spores that cause allergies and poor Jack must avoid the stuff or his eyes get goopy. That means our adventure tomorrow will be in different parts.



  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Not a very nice fungus. This is the first time I’ve ever heard about snow mold, but apparently it lives also in parts of Europe, including Finland. Here it’s a common problem with winter cereals, pastures and forestry, according to the Pfft.

  2. says

    Bad, bad fungus.
    Never heard of it. Our only problem is the moss.
    On Saturday we took up the fight, saying that we should have done a round in autumn and that next autumn we will, but I have the feeling that it will be The Balcony* all over again.

    In our flat for 10 years, we had a balcony which was usually overgrown. Each year in spring I had to do some very nasty cleaning and swore that this year I’d do that shit in autumn…

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