1. Ice Swimmer says

    Very fashionable. The second and the third are my faves. I wonder, are those ear feathers/hairs on the side of the head in the third.

  2. kestrel says

    Oh wow, SO COOL! Amazing birds. Also I have to laugh at the fencing around the tree to try and protect it; I have trees that look just like that, where you can see the horses would just *love* to chew all the bark off the tree except some rotten human put a piece of fencing around it.

  3. rq says

    Ice Swimmer
    Just the latest fashion in emu hairstyles…


    The large flightless birds (strauss, emu, cassowary, etc.) actually freak me out because they pretty much are dinosaurs. And a lot stronger and faster, not to mention taller, than me.
    Love the expressions and the mugshot progression: 3/4 view, frontal, profile, full height. :D

  4. KG says

    I learned to read partly on The Story of Karrawingi the Emu, and other books by their author (Leslie Rees). As with other ratites, the male does the incubation and cares for the chicks -- so, an early introduction to the fact that the gender roles I saw around me in early 1960s Britain were not universal!

  5. Onamission5 says

    @rq #3: Ditto. I once spent the better part of a school field trip staring at the feet of several emus trying to imagine them as not-dinosaurs and failing (also failed at supervising the children while visiting an emu farm, obvs). Them’s teeny tiny tyrannosaurus feet if ever I saw some.

    As so: Chicken from Hell

  6. says

    rq #3, credit Caine for the sequence! All I could do was frantically click away while zooming in and out and watching the screen go in and out of focus. These guys were in constant movement ducking and weaving their heads, hunting for food and sticky beaking at the strange human leering over the fence at them. There were about half a dozen birds hanging around the yard fence.

    DavidinOz, a useful trick that I adapted from the film “The gods must be crazy” to deal with an aggressive emu was to raise my arm as high as possible while forming my hand into a head, waving it forwards and backwards at the emu. The one that was pestering me laid its head right back then wandered off. No idea if that works against all emus though!

    Oh and those legs look like they are made of cast iron, suitable for a Victorian era garden table.

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