It seems today is yet another fucking special ‘holiday’, “National Love Your Pet Day” which is unofficial, thankfully. This mania needs to bloody stop. A very small sample:

Baby Grace.

Doll & Jayne.

Barnaby Jones & Sullivan.

I have had pets all my life. There has never been one godsdamn day I have not loved them and cared for them. Much like my feelings for V.D., my answer to such fucking nonsense is NO. What is this but yet another way companies have to push insanely overpriced goodies and treats, and to guilt you for being a rotten pet owner if you aren’t spending a ton on junk for them? NO. If you need a day to remind you to play with your pet, dig around in the treat drawer, go for a walk with them, or whatever, then you should not have a bloody pet in the first place. All responsible owners love their animals, they mean the world, and they would do anything for them already.

Besides this being a greedy capitalist’s wet dream, this is also yet another burden on all those people who have lost their beloved, no matter what type of animal. Back when I kept koi, I about collapsed when I lost my beautiful Guin when he was yet a babe, I’d had him for 16 years. Whatever being it might be which captures a human heart, we already care. We don’t need yet another stupid manufactured day. This sort of “special day” thing needs to die. In a fire.


  1. Raucous Indignation says

    They don’t need a special day for treats and love. My creatures are already 16-22% treats by volume. Oliver thinks he deserves treats when the dog comes in from a walk! And apparently we’re taking in a rescue puppy named Dorie. Poor puppy will be burdened by all the treats and toys. Poor poor puppy.

  2. says

    Sullivan is still a deep hurt. I lost him when he was only five, and it was a long time ago. Lost Jones not long after due to medical neglect on the part of a local vet. Still pissed. Usually, we grow our animals to very old ages (Doll is now 16, Ophelia, one of the cats is 18, and 2 others are 16) so losing them young is a deep, deep wound.

    Yay for taking on another rescue! Almost all ours are rescues, including a bunch of rats along the way. If you think dogs and cats are treat monsters, rats could teach you a thing or two. :D

  3. says

    Shadow says, from under her blanket on the Daughter’s bed, that every day is her day. She doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about, and while we’re at it, more petting, please.

  4. jazzlet says

    Thorn says more petting, rather muffled by her head being under a chair. Jake says more treats. Both say I have my humans well trained, what do I need a special day for?

  5. says

    Gracie passed away last Saturday. She was fifteen years old, so fairly elderly for a cat, but still, the loss was sudden. And my mother was away in Las Vegas at the time. She felt really bad that she couldn’t be here for Gracie’s final moments. Every day is special with these lovely animals, and I don’t need anybody to tell me that.

    Here’s a photo of Gracie enjoying one of her favorite hobbies: Napping.

  6. Raucous Indignation says

    I’m sorry about Sullivan, Caine. I have lost cats too. I was lucky enough to live with the wonderful and remarkable Pumpkin for almost all of his long life. Still miss that beastie, so many great memories.

  7. says

    There has never been one godsdamn day I have not loved them and cared for them.


    I think of my dogs every day; from when they were pubbles to this morning when I stepped out on the porch and they were not there waiting for me.

    Fucking hallmark holidays; they just want to cha-ching another couple billion dollars.

    I even sometimes think of the 30+ years of cats I’ve served. But only sometimes. I experienced critical cat-overload in the late 90s and now I tolerate them as graciously as they tolerate me.

  8. says

    Pets don’t understand calendars, just the flexible clock hours called “Food”, Cuddle”, Play” and “Sleep”. Thusly I humor them.

  9. says

    I’m sorry, Joseph

    But I mean, having such a national day is a really good way to sell more things your pets don’t actually need.

    The kids have a unicorn calendar with lots of silly days. We already had “ice cream for breakfast day” and “have you farted today day”.

  10. says


    I experienced critical cat-overload in the late 90s and now I tolerate them as graciously as they tolerate me.

    Yep, me too. There’s been a few I liked over the years, and the last ones are still around, but no more cats.

  11. Raucous Indignation says

    What is this “critical cat-overload” of which you speak? Is such a thing even possible?

  12. rq says

    Jones and Sullivan have the best expressions. They’re speaking directly to my heart right now.

    Also I love Doll and Jayne’s colour, maybe it’s just the photo, but they’re a pure shade of bright gold.

  13. says

    rq, both Doll & Jayne are white & tan. Our previous pair of monster dogs were black, one with russet eyebrows, and black with a bit of white. The white was a bit of a shock, but you take your rescues where you find them!

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