John Bisbee.

Tesselation Phage, Twisted, 12-inch, Welded Spikes, “Only Nails, Always Different”, Pennsylvania College of Art and Design Gallery, Lancaster, PA, Curated by Heidi Leitzki, 10’x 21’, 2015. Photo: Tom Bejgrowicz.

© 2016 by John Bisbee.

Seed in Progress. Photo: Luc Demers.

For nearly three decades, John Bisbee has welded and forged 12-inch spikes under the mantra, “Only nails, always different.”

Wondrous sculptures by John Bisbee. Have a wander today.


  1. jazzlet says

    Wondrous art indeed, I loved the various seedheads, and Ridge, and well most of them. Thank you Caine.

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