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    The bottom shot’s tele-zoom depth of field made me think the bird was flying through some dense obstacles. I love the way its pinions are spread for fine control! Such a pretty dinosaur.

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    This was further away than I normally shoot; he was in the center of many branches!

    The other day I saw a crow fly at full speed through a bare tree. I can only imagine that it was having a great time. Why else?

    I came to eventually hate Jonathon Livingston Seagull when I realized it was propaganda (I was little) but between that and St Exupery, I spent a lot of time enviously watching barn-swallows. I still do.

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    Jays and Grackles do that one all the time, so do the smaller birds.

    Around here, we have a wealth of cliff swallows, in spite of no cliffs. The Muddy Creek bridge is host to hundreds of nests, and having a walk over and watching them, by the hundreds, soaring and diving is amazing. Watching them, you get overcome with a fervent desire to be able to fly just like that.

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    Yesterday I watched a duck try to fly through a chain link fence. It didn’t succeed, but didn’t seem to be more than a little dazed. I warned the woman walking her little dog to make sure no chasing occurred.

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