The Terror of…SOY!


The things which go on while I’m under my rock. Perhaps it’s just me, but none of the men in the above look to be lacking in masculine qualities. This, of course, calls into question as to what those ‘necessary masculine qualities’ might be, and I’m not sure I want to know. The concepts of masculinity and femininity are, for the best part, damn silly, and for the worst part, terribly toxic and harmful. We aren’t extruded bits of plastic labeled Ken and Barbie. We come in a wide variety of everything. Ah well, on with the show.

Popular figures among the alt-right and users of right-wing internet forum boards such as 4chan frequently used the term “soy boy” to attack their liberal critics, using the term to label their targets as politically or physically weak. Alt-right YouTube pundit James Allsup claims to have invented the term “soy boy,” which experienced brief mainstream exposure through right-wing pundits such as Mike Cernovich.

The weakness, it is argued, comes from increased estrogen levels experienced when consuming soy products and the alleged resulting feminine behavior.

Oh for pity’s sake. Soy has to be one of the most studied and investigated plants on the planet, considering its versatility and utility. There are no studies which show that soy consumption “effiminizes” the poor menfolk. For most people, soy is quite beneficial, and no, it has no impact on those precious testosterone numbers, dudes. Your testosterone is safe with soy.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube account yesterday, Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars editor, attempted to explain how the consumption of soy products is to blame for decreased testosterone levels and lower sperm counts in men, resulting in depression and feminine behavior.

“Men with high estrogen take on feminine traits. They find it harder to handle stress. They become less assertive. They become low energy. Their voices get higher. Their genitals shrink. They lose muscle tone,” Watson said.

Goodness me. You’d think there would be panic in the streets! Media would be wall to wall coverage of the great penis shrink of 2017. Talk shows would have sobbing men behind screens, talking about the horrible degredation of testicle loss and puberty voices. Interestingly enough, there have been a high number of men lately who have not handled stress well at all. These are ‘masculine’ men, too. The ones who have histories of abusive, assertive, nay, aggressive behaviour. They tend to take out their problems with a gun, which ends up with many dead people, including themselves. I think I’ll stick with the men who aren’t terrified of soy.

Later in the video, Watson attempted to correlate increased sales of soy products in the United States to unrelated articles that detail a “substantial drop” in men’s testosterone levels in the United States and “otherwise healthy and lean” young men developing enlarged breasts—or as Watson describes them, “bitch tits.”

Bitch tits. Gosh, that must be one of those necessary masculine qualities, denigrating anything deemed female. I think we can all live without that one. One of these days, you manly menly dudely types are going to have to deal with the fact that yes, men have breasts. By the way, you should be doing regular checks for lumps, just like you do for those precious testicles, because men get breast cancer too. They come in many different shapes and sizes. A lot depends on diet, true, and whether or not you work out. If you’re eating a trash diet, you’re probably gonna have hairy man teats. Have you all taken a good look at your idol Trump when he’s in his golf clothes? Yeah. He could probably do with laying off the McD’s. Going back to the image above, none of those men look like they are sporting a healthy rack.

In his pseudo-scientific explanation, Watson even claimed that soy found in infant baby formula is making children liberal “from birth.”

“Rather than people with already pre-existing left-wing beliefs being attracted to vegan-style tofu soy diets, we’re actually creating an army of soy boys from birth,” Watson said. “What a terrifying thought.”

:Cough: Excu…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *gasp* hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *thud*

Okay. I’m a bleeding heart liberal, a compleat lefty. I did not grow up on soy products, because they weren’t a big thing way back when. I don’t eat much soy now. That has not affected my leftiness in the least. I’m pretty sure you can’t get leftiness in bottle. That would be rather big news. Why do I get the idea you idiots think this is just like the “commies are behind flouridation” business?

Watson warned that “soy is the silent killer” of masculine behavior and that the world is “losing an entire generation of young men to soy.”

At the end of the video, Watson issued a warning to his male viewers: “Men, if you don’t want to develop a bunch of retarded beliefs about how inviting in millions of rapey migrants is a good idea, about how anyone to the right of Michael Moore is literally Hitler, about how fantastic communism is, or about how being a white male is shameful and wrong, while literally growing tits and seeing your penis shrink at the same time, when it comes to soy just say no.”

Hahahahahahaha. My my. I look forward to the intense, saturated, “Just Say No…to Soy!” campaign. The War on Soy. Maybe that could put an end to the idiocy of the war on drugs. Okay, probably not. You fellas don’t need to be concerned with ‘rapey’ immigrants. You should be concerned with all the homegrown rapey men, y’know, the ones who tend to put all kinds of emphasis on being masculine.

Such privilege, that you literally have nothing more to do than to sit around and make up such shit. I wish I had that kind of free time. The whole mess, including video, is available at RWW.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    I wonder if somebody has shorted soy futures at CBOT and expects to win big. I hope they’ll lose.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Let me rephrase that: I don’t know, can one sell soy futures one doesn’t have at Chicago Board of Trade. If it’s possible, is someone in the process of doing so and with this crap, hopes to lower the price of soy futures to make profit. I hope, they’ll lose a lot of money with that scheme.

  3. says

    I don’t think this has anything to do with stocks; this is yet another attempt at coming up with a scathing, man destroying insult. Apparently, this has, at least to some extent, replaced the inane yet popular “cuck”. These idiots are so astonishingly insecure that they actually seem to think that calling a man “soy boy” is going to have a soul destroying effect. It’s projection writ large, to say the least.

    If someone hollered “soy boy” at me, I’d shrug.

  4. says


    Clearly none of those “men” are wearing check shirts and baseball caps on backwards, so, whatever.

    That illustrates the idiocy of it all. You can’t go by appearances. I know men who sport BEARDS, y’know, the really big, long type, who are staunch feminists, liberal to the core, and SJWs. Like I said, I really don’t want to know what their idea of “necessary masculine qualities” are.

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    Soy boy gets “La Bamba” playing in my head. “Yo no soy marinero, soy capitan, soy capitan.”

  6. chigau (違う) says

    necessary masculine qualities include grunting in response to most questions, scratching your balls and being unable to find anything in the fridge.

  7. Ice Swimmer says

    Best men and best pigs eat soy. Just like it was said by the English that oats are only fit for Scotsmen and horses, to which the Scots replied, that’s why we have the best men and you have the best horses.

    I don’t eat any soy… (I do eat oats.)

  8. says

    These idiots are so astonishingly insecure that they actually seem to think that calling a man “soy boy” is going to have a soul destroying effect.

    It’s like .*supremacists everywhere: they’re actually incredibly insecure and vastly over-concerned about the thing that they want to feel superior about. In other words, they are the diametrical opposite of the nietzschean ubermenschen they want to style themselves as being. Like the .*supremacists, they simply don’t know how to “superior” very well. And the toxic masculinists, pick up artists, etc -- they don’t do “manly” very well, either. Except for Peter Boghossian, I mean… Seriously, though -- ubermenschen don’t care that they’re dumpy pasty little Austrian corporals, or failed seminary students, or heroin junky former fighter pilots, or even shambolic balding assholes with goofy hair -- you can tell that crowd aren’t ubermenschen because a proper ubermensch is above all that. The ubermensch gargles with soy if he wants to.

    (Nietzsche being hardly a specimen)

  9. blf says

    But the wasabi turns the hypereejit soya sauce into, ah, I dunno, a weak slimy runny cheese or something? The mildly deranged penguin says it’s complicated, a degree in hypersoya wasabimaths (surprisingly unrelated to bistromathematics) helps, but basically, anything which makes a nazi run away screaming and, importantly, never come back, is probably good, unless it involves peas, horses, or earwax.

  10. Onamission5 says

    So, adding soy to the list of foods that I’ve been informed aren’t manly enough for manly consumption over the years, if I don’t want my sons to grow up to respect women, disabled people, PoC, and those of non-Christian religions, I should not feed them
    --any vegetable really
    --wine coolers (when they’re older)
    --fruity beverages of any kind

    brb making shopping list

  11. says

    You forgot the 80s version: Quiche
    Remember “real men don’t eat quiche”?

    I wonder if Napoleon Bonaparte did? I mean, he was the Emperor of the French, and presumably had the whip hand over quiche deployment. I wouldn’t want to try tell him what to eat…

  12. says

    I remember it. I also remember the “real men do eat quiche” backlash. Men were getting damn tired of such idiocy, and who can blame them?

    I’m rather boggled by the depth of failure ‘soy boy’ is as an insult.

  13. says

    What’s going to be next, a return to “your mother wears combat boots”?

    My first wife’s mom was a US Marine. Mostly she wore 5″ heels when she wasn’t wearing combat boots but I understand she rocked them both. Of course, since she was a she marine and it was the 50s she wasn’t directly going around killing people but I’m quite sure she’d have been more lethal than anyone who’d have teased her daughter about her footwear.

    Of course the scariest rejoinder to that sally would be the young woman who’d have been able to reply, “My mother, Lyudmilla Pavlichenko, was a hero of the Soviet Union for shooting hundreds of nazis. I think she may have worn boots while she was doing it, but she didn’t care much about such things.”

    Nowadays there are a lot of moms who’ve worn combat boots. Probably another reason the toxic males’ willies are withering.

  14. blf says

    Hey! Wait a minute… Today I’ve certainly had salad, vegetables, croissants, furrin cheese-eating surrender monkey vin (and bières), yogurt (that weird forrin cheese-eating surrender monkey stuff with oeufs) and am sipping some fruit juice right now (organic, obviously not “manly”, and also forrin cheese-eating surrender monkey squeezed, probably by treading with bare feet in vats full of forriners), and saw a quiche. I even had a few killed peas — manly men only eat(?) live snarling peas. I even read an actual printed newspaper, you know, one of those FAKE news! thingies, and it wasnt’ wrote inns Americaan! Clearly, I’m, ah, well, er, desperate for some couscous & quinoa. (I had some polenta last night, does that count, does that keep me out of the “manly” men somethingcave? Or am I doomed, Doomed, to grunting beasts with crude clubs (not even any spikes) banging rocks together?!)

  15. Onamission5 says

    @Marcus: Oh, I got quiche alright. It’s right below the other forbidden French food. :) IIRC, that book was suppose to be a humorous critique of exactly the attitude on display in the OP.

    I did forget to list all the feminizing fancy cheeses, though it might be quicker to list the manly-approved ones than those barred. Suffice: if a cheese codes as sufficiently masculine it’s probably quite orange, quite stinky, or contains visible mold and it cannot under any circumstances be spreadable, although it can be melted over, or better yet inside, of crusts. Melted cheese seems to exist in a category somewhere between cooties and lumberjack.

    (you learn a lot of things about what food threatens the masculinity of certain types of dudes when you work as a female line cook. grilled chicken, for yet another example. yeah.)

  16. says


    does that keep me out of the “manly” men somethingcave?

    I think you’re safe. You can continue eating tasty food because it’s…gasp…tasty! We’ll just keep piling onto the list of foods which endanger necessary masculine qualities. If we do this right, there will be two things the dudely dudes can eat, and we get all the rest of the tastiness.

  17. says

    I’m sure the Japanese counterparts of Cernovich et al. eat lots of soy. Of course Cernovich etc. would have some ridiculous explanation why soy consumption by Japanese right wingers doesn’t count, or have some racist explanation claiming Japanese men are all a bunch of emasculated losers. Meanwhile some Japanese right winger probably claims the growth of milk consumption in Japan has ruined Japanese men.

  18. kestrel says

    Whoa. The primaries before the elections positively predicted this -- that it would all come down to willy measuring.

    I might need to learn how to drink whiskey. At least it has no soy in it….


  19. rq says

    We once ran out of soy sauce (it’s a staple condiment at our house) and it kept slipping our minds to buy more. That was about two weeks’ worth of scandalous suppers that almost made me believe we’d be accused of outright neglect. :D So no Real Men coming out of this household, though time has yet to tell if they will overcome the Lure of Soy and turn to Table Salt instead…

  20. Raucous Indignation says

    Woow, that’s a lot o’ comments. Too late for me to jump in this my derailing pointless few cents worth.

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