The Christian Contagion: Globalizing Hate.

Good old American style Christian hate, it’s never enough, it must be contagious, on a pestilential level.

In the latest sign that the U.S. Religious Right increasingly views its anti-LGBTQ and anti-choice activism as part of a global culture war, American activists will be part of the training team at next month’s European Advocacy Academy, which is designed to make European advocates for “traditional” views on sex, gender and family more effective—and to make them “part of an international network that transcends country borders.” U.S.-based Religious Right groups have actively promoted anti-LGBTQ equality measures in Europe under the banner of protecting the family.

It’s bad enough that the Religious Reich has the amount of power they do in uStates, without it spreading the message of its diseased thinking elsewhere. All societies have their problems, but most of the ones in Europe are light years ahead of uStates, progressively speaking. These Americans are very bad news, and should be considered to be a contagion in the proper sense, and turned away.  The worst dregs of societies everywhere embrace this poisonous hate, drinking down the toxic kool-aid with nary a thought. Fascists of all stripes grab onto such venomous thinking like it was a lifeline, and it does provide them with even more excuses for their particular brand of hatred.

The European Advocacy Academy is organized by European Dignity Watch, a Brussels-based nonprofit group founded in 2010 that says it “defends the most vital foundations of a free society: fundamental freedoms and responsibility, marriage and the family, and the protection of life from conception to natural death.”

Oy. Short form: we don’t give a damn about you, or what you believe, you must live your life the way we say!” RWW has the full story, along with details on some of the speakers.


  1. says

    They are trying (and failing) to introduce creationism in CZ society, but they will not have much trouble with homophobia. CZ is homophobic as hell.

  2. Raucous Indignation says

    Everything here is so wrong and broken. And it’s hard to get foreigners to see and understand the breadth and depth of the rot.

  3. says

    Raucous Indignation:

    And it’s hard to get foreigners to see and understand the breadth and depth of the rot.

    Sometimes, yes, but if you come from a situation which is dire, that’s understandable. I think most non-Americans don’t have the slightest problem seeing the rot, seems it’s more difficult to get Americans to understand it.

  4. jrkrideau says

    @1 Giliell
    I was thinking that this could be the classic “culture shock” in action. I hope there is a good French contingent.

  5. says

    I’m not saying we don’t have our religious nutjobs here and I think they are being radicalised in recent years, but I don’t think they will make great strides with the general population in western Europe where even deeply catholic countries like Ireland voted in favour of marriage equality.

  6. emergence says

    So how do we stop them? At this point, we need to find a way to push back against the toxic sludge these people are trying to infect the rest of the world with.

  7. emergence says

    I’ll agree with Giliell though, about a lot of Western European countries being resistant to this crap. I’m fairly certain that the US is seen as the dysfunctional village idiot of the developed world by most of Western Europe, and some backwoods dumbshit who probably knows nothing about the country he’s visiting isn’t going to be able to spread his views beyond a few culturally irrelevant fringe weirdos.

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