1. says

    I love Art Colony Perverts! I have an avatar I did based on that. You can’t trust artists, y’know, and you especially can’t trust them when they run off to spend time at an art colony, no sir.

  2. says

    I bet you can’t trust artists. I bet they are sipping slippers out of caviar, while eating navels out of each other’s strawberry icecream and melting stomachs on ice cubes. Or something like that.

  3. rq says

    That slick outfit on Ball and Chain reminds me of the choir’s concert outfits from several years back (before my time, but they were rumoured to be quite transparent under the correct sort of lighting).

    Also, I must agree -- art colonies are dangerous. They tend to swarm in times of drought, chewing up everyth… oh. Wait. Never mind!

  4. lumipuna says

    This cover art was grown organically in kinky overseas art colonies by enthusiastically consenting slaves.

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