1. says

    :D Honestly, they just get more beautiful. I’m stunned by the accuracy of the paintings, Trouvelot was obviously a talented artist as well as an astronomer. He was also an amateur entomologist, and according to the wiki, credited for the importation and release of the destructive Gypsy moth in North America. I didn’t include the wiki link, because all the paintings are on it, but it you want to spoiler yourself, go ahead!

    I haven’t decided who is going to be next, but I’m ever so tempted to do Harry Clarke, and that would be a very long series. His illustrations for Faust alone would be over a month long.

  2. rq says

    Whatever you choose will be delectable.
    I’m not going to spoiler myself, it’s nice to have these show up once a day after I’m home from work. A real treat for the eyes and the soul that I don’t actually have. :D

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