oooOOOoo Shadow Government ooOOOooo.

The Shadow as depicted on the cover of the July 15, 1939, issue of The Shadow Magazine.

Rick Wiles has gone more than a bit tinfoil hat, positing a whole shadow government which is doing nefarious things in an attempt to, uh, do something.

“I am going to stand by my claim that America has death squads,” he said. “I’m not saying it’s the U.S. government, I’m saying there is a government beyond a level that any of us know about. There is a top secret shadow government that very few people know exist.”

It’s always something few people know about, and of course, it’s those few, brave conspiracy concocters who are the heroes proclaiming the truth. One thing about the conspiracy mongers – they obey all the tried and true tropes.

“Henry Kissinger is the secretary of state of the New World Order,” Wiles added. “There is a secret shadow government, it has its own infrastructure, its own courts, its own laws, its own structures, its own prisons. They sit and they laugh at the American people believing that these people in Washington and Congress and the White House and the Supreme Court are actually the government. They’re not the government, they’re puppets.”

That doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense. This would mean, basically, that there were two uStates. Is one on top? Are they parallel? C’mon, the plot needs details, man! And who cares about the secretary of state in Shadowmerica? Who is the president? Oooh, bet it’s Hilary Clinton. How does one become a citizen of Shadowmerica? I’d like to take a tour.

“If they ever act like they’re the real government, the death squads will show up,” he continued. “Ask Judge Scalia what happens. You’ll have a pillow case put over your face and they’ll carry your body away and U.S. marshals won’t even get your body, somebody else will take your body, they’ll never call the police. A Supreme Court justice dead with a pillow case over his face and the police weren’t called. Who can do that kind of stuff, Doc? A shadow government. Who can kill 50-some people at Mandalay and get away with it? A shadow government, it’s a death squad that is operating in this country.”

Sigh. Christian zealots do love them some death squads, they just can’t give the idea up. I seem to recall that Scalia’s corpse was widely known about, to say the least. Police aren’t generally called when a 79 year old shuffles off the mortal coil. If this was Shadowmerica operating, well, they’re quite incompetent, aren’t they? Just like Regularmerica. As to who can kill 50-some people at a concert, yet another white male who can’t work up the nerve to commit suicide without making the consequences of staying alive too dire to bear. Anyone in Regularmerica can get their hands on all manner of weapons, and decide that random people are going to have the worst day of their lives. You don’t need Shadowmerica for that one at all.

I would think that if Shadowmerica was going to employ death squads, they would have some sort of purpose; an aim. Why bother with a country music concert?

RWW has the story and soundcloud.


  1. rq says

    China Mieville did have that odd novel The City and the City, perhaps something like that is what they have in mind.

  2. blf says

    Sounds like the Illuminati controlling the Trilateral Commission controlling the Club of Rome controlling the Bilderberg Group controlling etc etc etc who ultimately control the Koch brothers who control the thugs in Congress etc etc etc. Wear a tinfoil hat whilst stirring briskly according to the conspiracy recipe de jour. Season with magic sky faeries and bellow.

  3. brucegee1962 says

    Actually, the part about “Scalia assassinated by Secret Conspiracy” that’s unbelievable isn’t the assassination part, it’s the Secret Conspiracy part.
    If you want to tell me about some secret thing, I want to know how many people had to be in on the know. The believability is inversely proportional to how many people have to know about it.
    With Scalia — the guy was travelling pretty openly with no security, sleeping in a separate room in a house in the middle of nowhere. A reasonably competent hit man could have done him in. Heck, some local down at the bar who heard “Hey, you’ll never guess who’s staying over at Joe’s place!” could have done it on his way home after a few drinks.
    Also, why does everyone think “left-wing conspiracy” when they talk about Scalia getting assassinated? Some of the cases before the Supremes mean millions of dollars to big corporations — are you telling me one of those mightn’t try to pull something like that?
    I’m not saying I think it’s likely. I’m saying there probably should have been an autopsy to be on the safe side.

  4. says

    Scalia was 79 Years Old, with known heart problems and high blood pressure. Beyond that, there was zero motivation for anyone to kill his old ass, so I’ll thank you to save such idiotic speculation for some place else.

  5. vucodlak says

    You’ll have a pillow case put over your face and they’ll carry your body away and U.S. marshals won’t even get your body, somebody else will take your body, they’ll never call the police.

    That’s just terrible. It defies belief! What kind of shadowy hitman doesn’t alert the police to his nefarious doings? Is everything I’ve learned from Criminal Minds a lie?

    And if they carry your body away, then how will TurboJesus find you when he comes back to kill all the people I don’t like sinners after the rapture? I mean, sure, he’s all-powerful, with his laser-beam eyes and supersonic flight,* but he’s pretty easy to confuse. He can’t find ya if you’re cremated or buried in the wrong plot, so he sure can’t find ya if you’ve been carried off by the shadowgubmint.

    *Or was that Superman? I get my gospels confused sometimes.

  6. DanDare says

    Can’t habe a shadow government without a shadow beauracracy that’s in the know. There are still some positions available. Apply by taping an X in your window.

  7. chigau (違う) says

    crossroads …
    how many “crossroads” are there on a big-urban vehicular interchange?
    how many dimensions are involved?

  8. blf says

    If you can’t figure out which dimension, much less which crossroads, or even the correct contents of the message — you really think I accept is it!? — then you certainly are qualified for higher levels in the conspiracy. Especially if you don’t realise you’ve already been recruited and are now working on your sixteenth mission.

  9. lumipuna says

    Fun fact: Activists who criticize, expose or counter-effect the Shadow Government online are frequently disappeared by said government. Then their blogs and online comment histories are continued by government agents, so as to not raise suspicion. As a result, most online political activism nowadays is done by government agents.

    This happens in meatspace too. For example, Rick Wiles was replaced by a body double several years ago. His family suspects the new Rick is possessed by a demon, due to a small personality mismatch, but at least it’s a positive change compared to old Rick.

    Antonin Scalia was also replaced with a body double, but considering his age and the state of his soul, it was thought a dead body double would be most credible.

  10. lumipuna says

    They cleverly disguised Scalia’s murder by replacing his body with another similarly murdered person.

  11. says

    Ohhhhh, I got this. I know how this works. When you win the election, there will be an ugly portrait in your office. The first night you’re alone in there the portrait starts talking and informs you that the Other Minister/President/Monarch will appear soon to talk to you. He (it’s always a he) will inform you that all bad things are due to his folks and there’s nothing you can do.
    But he gives you a personal bodyguard.

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