Mushroom Hunt: Brown Roll-Rim.

From Charly, who notes: A really nasty mushroom. Formerly it was considered to be edible, but now it is recognised as poisonous and dangerous, although to my knowledge no toxin was identified. There are two theories that I remember from the studies – either it is edible to most but induces severe and possibly lethal allergic reactions in some, or it contains an accumulative toxin, that is not metabolised or expelled from the body and thus one can safely eat the mushroom for years until a threshold is reached. Young specimens can from top view look like bolete, but they can be safely and easily recognized by their gills. Latin: Paxillus involutus. Click for full size!

Chris Ford: Affinity &emdash; Paxillusinvolutus1

Chris Ford: Affinity &emdash; Paxillusinvolutus2

Chris Ford: Affinity &emdash; Paxillusinvolutus3

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  1. Ice Swimmer says

    The cone* in the first is situated in a way that’s suggestive of a cigar (the mushrooms being like a mouth).

    * = Spruce?

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