All Lives Splatter.

A Chelan County emergency services worker posted a disturbing joke to the county’s Facebook account, kidding about protesters being rammed three weeks after a Virginia protester was killed by a driver who did so.

The worker managing the county’s emergency services Facebook account posted a crude cartoon with an illustration captioned, “All lives splatter … nobody cares about your protest / Keep your ass out of the Road”

The as-yet unidentified poster included the note: “I don’t wish harm on anyone … but protesters don’t belong in the road!”

Mmm, you don’t wish harm on anyone, but you show a depiction of people being harmed because, “hey, it’s funny, and those libtards deserve it, lol!” I imagine if such was directed at you, emergency services worker, you wouldn’t find it so gosh darn amusing. I sure as fuck don’t. Handing J. Q. Public license to murder is not funny. It’s not funny that open murder is being written into law, because of course, dissent is evil, so you better do all your dissenting someplace legal, like your closet, where you can’t help to effect any change at all.

Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett apologized for the post on Monday, saying the non-commissioned employee intended to share it only on a personal account.

“Staff at Chelan County Emergency Management feel terrible that this inappropriate and hurtful post made it onto the Facebook page,” Burnett wrote in the news release. “Changes have already been made in procedure to assure nothing like this will ever occur in the future.”

Oh, and that makes it okay, does it, to change things so this sort of evil shit can’t make it to the official page? Naturally, having employees posting this vile poison on their personal accounts, that’s just dandy! Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think I’d want Chelan County emergency services anywhere near me. Your asshole employees would be just as prone to killing me as helping me, right, Sheriff Burnett?

In recent months, law enforcement workers around the country have been called out for posting the meme and similar statements.

A Slate examination of the trend in August – “Run Them Down”: Driving into crowds of protesters was a right-wing fantasy long before the violence in Charlottesville – highlighted three police officers and one firefighter who were caught urging vehicle attacks on protesters. One Oregon cop was fired for suggesting that drivers “push the right” pedal when facing Black Lives Matter protesters.

Pigs will be pigs, won’t they? This is what happens when cops shops refuse to hire intelligent people. This is what happens when cops shops happily hire white supremacists and assorted dumbshit bigots. Then gives them a license to be homicidal prickshits.

Via Seattle PI.


  1. says

    This is what happens when cops shops refuse to hire intelligent people

    Intelligent people are a problem for cop shops: they ask pesky questions like “why?” Next thing you know, they’ll be thinking “who do we ‘protect and serve’ again?”

  2. says

    Yep, that’s the exact reason why they turn people down who are deemed “overly intelligent”. The excuse they give for this is a gem: “really smart people would get bored.” In my experience, really smart people tend to get bored no matter what, which is why they look for jobs that are a bit more challenging than most.

  3. says

    Yep, that’s the exact reason why they turn people down who are deemed “overly intelligent”.

    That’s why they throw smart-sounding people off juries; they want a jury of “peers”
    Every time I went on jury duty in Baltimore, I got thrown off the panel immediately. Even though I’m white, it was usually the prosecution that threw me off.

  4. Saad says

    Creating discomfort and getting in the way of the conveniences of the indifferent privileged is the very point of protests.

    A good protest should be unignorable.

  5. kestrel says

    Oh Zeus this is so sickening. So really? An EMT is urging cold-blooded murder? And others have joined in? There are some debates I never imagined I would ever hear and this is one of them. Murdering citizens who have different ideas than you do so that makes you not like them and want to kill them, IS WRONG. HOLY SHIT. Even that stupid book the bible says that.

    Re: juries… Yeah. I get called on jury duty a LOT because there are hardly any people at all in my county (less than 5,000, I’ve been to concerts with more people than that) and yet I never get picked. Never. Neither does the Partner. Both of us would be thrilled to participate but no one wants us. I wish they would just admit that, and quit calling on us to go in.

  6. says

    #1 & #2 -- Thinking for myself was one of the reasons I was rejected from the Racist, Corrupt and Misogynistic Police when I was a young, naive and unemployed person. (Not having a college diploma and being monolingual the other reasons.) After working my way through college as a security guard and seeing up close how the RCMP behaved, I’m glad I never joined.

    Regarding the safety of protesters, concrete bricks are easily ported by protesters’ vehicles. Tied or chained together, they could make one heck of an effective roadblock and visible deterrent that would hang up vehicles but not cause injury.

  7. emergence says

    So conservatives have kept making “jokes” like these after a protestor actually died from being run over by a Nazi? Yeah, alright, I guess that settles it. Conservatives are psychopaths looking for an excuse to murder people who they don’t like. Any time some shithead politician tries to pass a law that makes running over protestors legal, the opposition should bring up articles like this to call out what conservatives are trying to do.

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