What A Soul Looks Like.

Oh, souls. There are those who are insistent that souls are real, in spite of them being intangible and invisible. They have much in common with the invisible pink unicorn. I’ve been immersed in Medieval manuscripts again, and came across a depiction of the weighing of a soul, and a woman carrying a soul. Click images for full size!

The weighing of a soul.

A woman carrying a soul.

There’s one mystery cleared up, eh? :D

Via The British Library.


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    I haven’t seen the film but that’s pretty close to how I envision Peter Pettigrew carrying Voldemort.

    :falls over laughing: Yeah. You’re right, that’s it.

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    Is that the devil kicking that soul on the scale? Isn’t that cheating? That’ll make that soul lighter. Must be a rich person’s soul.

    That interested me, too. I think the demon is supposed to be trying to make the ‘soul’ heavier, but it’s ambiguous. I also can’t quite figure out what the counterweight is -- a cat?

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