1. David Brindley says

    I am fortunate to wake to this view each morning. The driveway is mine, and by 0800 there is quite a gathering awaiting breakfast, ducks, ibises, pukekoe. They all like bread, the ducks will eat anything, but the pukekoe don’t like cereal. ibis will run from any food thrown to them, then scamper back to compete with the ducks for leftovers. I am staggered that even with their long, skinny beaks, they manage to hoover up the sunflower seeds.

  2. says

    Lucky you! I think the Ibises are absolutely gorgeous, and would love to see one in person! You have some of the coolest dinosaurs down under.

  3. stellatree says

    I’ve never seen a pukeko before, what a beautiful bird! Those enormous dinosaur feet are a bit scary, though.

  4. David Brindley says

    Hopefully I’ll get you some shots of chicks when they hatch, the red is much paler in juveniles.

    @stellatree, the final bird has a broken leg. It seemed damaged at the knee, but we were unable to catch it to take it for treatment. It has been amazing watching it adapt as the leg set a bit out of shape, but the bird moves quite freely. If they are more than 20 metres away most birds run to me, but that one always flies until the last 2 metres or so.

  5. says

    Oh babies! Who doesn’t love baby dinosaurs? That must have been something, watching that bird cope and adapt. Amazing creatures.

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