1. rq says

    I love how that second bumble-bee looks like it’s reached a mountain peak after a long, arduous struggle up the treacherous slopes of flower petals.

  2. says

    I am glad you like them, Caine. I found more usefull pictures, so I am sending them too :).

    I never knew that crane flies have coloured eyes and I was very lucky to get this picture so sharp that the colour is so clearly seen. It did not expect this animal to look so beautiful up close.

    @rq, that is the same individual as on the third picture. I think it is not a common honey bee or a bumble bee, but a species of solitary bee. I have no idea which one, because according to my library there are 650 species of bees in CZ so one has to dedicate their whole life to just bees to tell them apart and even then probably not just from a picture.
    Unfortunately there were no bumble bees on the tree. Just a dead one on the walk in the garden :(.


    My entomology exam anecdote from my studies: I got a a few species to determine and among them was one wasp. I confidently stated that it is Vespula germanica, to which the examining professor smiled benevolently and gave me a brief lecture that for stating this with such confidence I would need three individuals from one nest at the very least, and then spend a few horus over a microscope to make comparative analysis of the spots on the head and thorax and of the segmentation of the antlers. That took the wind out of my sails a little for the rest of the esam (but I passed).

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    The crane fly is exquisite. The green eyes fit well.

    And the bee has a red fox/squirrel coloured fur on the back and blonde elsewhere.

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